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What would I do if there were no barriers?

A dream

A passion

A purpose

Let’s leave reality for a moment and go into that little bubble in your mind where dreams are a reality and all you want to do is achievable. What do you want to do?

I want you to pause for a moment and really think about it?

Okay, were back. When thinking about my future plans the easiest thing to do was to really write down everything I could possibly think of on a piece of paper. I didn’t think about all the reasons why I couldn’t do something because why limit my dreams.

In order to merge reality to the dream world you need to start with a dream. From this you see key themes begin to arise. When I did my mind map two very important themes came about.

  1. I wasn’t done with science and wanted to be challenged

  2. I wanted to help people

These two ideas were centred in the roles I wanted to pursue. In identifying what I wanted it made it easy to eliminate the options that didn’t align with these goals. The steps that followed were setting time lines within reality that could match these goals.


The science bit: I want to do a Phd: At the point of making my mind map, I was doing my masters and that gave me a 4 year timeline. 1 year to take a break and plan for the Phd, 3 years to actually pursue the Phd. It also helped me answer questions of the type of Phd I wanted. It made me open up my choices from something solely science based to things that incorporated communication or even looking for roles that could merge my love for science outside a Phd.

The helping people bit: For a very long time my definition of helping people was wrapped in healthcare. I didn’t think I could use tcim( my blog) to fully help people and maybe that’s why I would shy away from talking about it or even executing the ideas I had, that has changed now !

Another thing about finding a career I have found useful is looking beyond the title and delving into the description of a few job titles and narrowing that down. Who knows, your “dream” job could already exist and really and truly with the world we live in, there is every possibility that you can create it !

Back to reality now, you can’t just wish away barriers or pretend they no longer exist forever. With your goals now set and somewhat realistic, you can no fill in the barriers. Do you lack training, opportunities, money? All these things can be fixed to some capacity. In understanding your limitations you can still dream but also accept the reality of why you aren't achieving the goal.

Everyday isn’t sunshine and daisies and living in reality shouldn’t be you crushing your dream but knowing that you may need to extend and alter certain timelines or focus on particular areas for growth.

In a very long winded way this is my way of saying don’t be afraid to dream and put yourself out there! ( These posts are me talking to myself so I'm not here yet but definitely trying !


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