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Student Profile- Biochem(Major),PRE MD-phD

1. Name: Abu Rogers

2.Course: Major – biochemistry, Professional track- Pre MD-PhD

3.A levels/Highschool: Math, Physics, Chemistry, Biology| ACT| AP Biology, AP CALCULUS, AP Chemistry, AP Physics

4..Journey in 3 words: Ardours, Intense, Rewarding

5. Briefly describe your course:

Biochemistry is the study of physiocochemical and chemical processes in living organisms. MD-PhD or MSTP programs are a rigorous 7-8 years training that combines medical school with extensive research. The goal of such programs is to accelerate translational research and bridge the gap between science and medicine, by training motivated individuals as both scientists and physicians.

6.What motivated you to pursue a career in scienceI have always enjoyed learning the sciences, especially chemistry and biochemistry. However, my motivation for pursuing a career in biochemistry stems from my experiences working in a malaria research lab.

7. Work- Life Balance :Balancing work-life is a struggle, not only because biochemistry requires a lot of work, but I am also involved in several other extra-curricular activities. I work in a research lab, and I spend a significant amount of time fulfilling my duties as president of both the Columbus Free Clinic and One Able World. Most days, I work for more than 15 hours, but my Thursday and Friday nights are for having fun! This way, I am able to rejuvenate my mind and enjoy my college experience!

8.What advice would you give someone wanting to study the same degree? Passion. Passion. Passion. Needless to say, the classes are hard, and they’re even harder to study for if you’re not interested in the material. Join a research lab or talk to an advisor before you declare a major. If you’re in the US or are interested in pursuing an MD-PhD, get plenty of clinical and research experiences!

9. Did you always want to do your course

Yes, and no. Biochemistry, yes. Pre-MD-PhD, no. I have always been interested in pursuing a career in biochemistry. However, it was not until I participated in a summer medical program and shadowed physicians that I truly began considering medicine. I realized that I am equally passionate about treating patients and understanding the mechanism behind the disease.

10 .What advice would you give on picking universities

I am currently a student at The Ohio State University, and I absolutely love it! My advice is to attend a university where you’ll find a community and would be conducive to your passions. I chose OSU, because of its vibrant school spirit and cutting-edge research facilities and medical centres.

11. Where do you see yourself in 5 years? In 5 years, I see myself completing my medical degree and a PhD in Biochemistry. Currently, I am interested in understanding ways we could produce more effective antimalarial therapeutics that will eradicate the disease, so I would probably pursue that in graduate school. After completing my program, I might become a specialist surgeon.

Side note: If you are a UK student and are interested in bridging the gap between science and research, the NHS STP is a good place to start. You complete 3 years training and can go on to further completing a phD.


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