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This is quite a short post, but things have been bothering me and although i focus on the ignorance in the STEM field, this applies to everyone.

Enjoy my mini rant :)

Because we study science we are unearthly beings. Our brains are somewhat above that of those that study humanities. We are top tier of the human population ( *disclaimer i am exaggerating*).

At one point you have sniggered at someone that argues psychology is a science , turned your nose up at a creative arts student or even the worst of it all exaggerated the level of difficulty of your course.

STEM is an amazing field but upon deep reflection there is no reason to feel better than the rest of the world,why would anyone study something they aren't good at. We study Science or whatever because we are good at it. We find ourselves in whatever field for the simple fact that we excel. I am fairly good at biology but incredibly weak at physics. If i picked up a physics book i would embarass myself but for me biology "just clicks". I was good at economics but didn't have the same passion. Just because it clicks for you doesnt make you superior to the next person. Just because you do not understand why they took that path doesnt mean it's stupid.

The moment we stop living in this facade that specific career paths are superior to others the better. The simple fact of being skilled at whatever you do is what is important. Respect the other persons choices and at the end of the day, we all gain from the services one another provide.

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