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Plan but live in the now

What are you going to do in the future ?



The first academic decision i ever made was picking my gcses. My first bowl of options and i could only pick eight, restriction number 1

I was then asked to pick A levels based of my already limited number of gcses, Restriction number 2. I could technically only pick three and a half but life happened and i got to pick four. Something different , not a science, more options now . A science student studying economics, what a breath of fresh air.

Then the big decision of which university and what course, because in my household not going to university isn't an option not that i oppose but again a further restriction . Okay I have started university. 2 years completed and now i have to choose a career. I have a science degree but does that mean i have to work in a lab, can i do a complete switch? . The bad thing about university career fairs is the false narrative of a clear and straightforward path everyone takes. Every speaker i have come across seems to have been so sure of what they wanted to do. Why aren't we exposed to a realistic mix of people.

Anyway back to my point … Finding a job .Again like my gcses I am exposed to a bowl of options, some more straightforward than others. What do i do? Because i enjoy academia, do i follow the path i am just good at or do i take the risk and do what i believe will give me the greatest fulfillment even if i have to work a little harder. Both are great options because i am not going to pick my career blindly and anyone that tells you to is just plain crazy.

Anything you do, you have to have put some thought behind it.

Plan but enjoy the moments you are in now. A decision you made 3 years ago on a career is not something you should feel extremely compelled to stick with and feeling completely unsure is fine. If you have a few options and are scared to pick one pray about it and trust your gut. Nothing in this life is really set in stone This life is more than the job you do. It's the life you want to live and the stamp you want to leave on the world, Are you really doing this for you or for someone else? Of course be sensible and pick something you can live off independently, you do not need to be rich but you do need to be happy.

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