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Phd to CEO l TCIM Careers

Current Job Title CEO/Founder- at The Learning NoMad LLC

Undergrad and Post grad degrees

Bsc Biology/Chemistry

Msc : Pharmaceuticals

PHD:Advanced degree: Teaching and Learning

Favourite science fact: Virus are non-living

· Journey in three words Resistant, steady, and determined

· What motivated you to pursue a career in science Just the drive and intent of asking questions motivated me to pursue. The intent of creating a new way of thinking and process.

· How have your previous experiences played a part in your career path? In a quick summary, All my experiences that I have had whether challenging or serene, led me to the state that I am at now.

I first started out studying at Howard University during my undergraduate years in Biology and Chemistry. I later applied St. John's University where I started to pursue a Masters degree in Pharmaceuticals Sciences--Specializing in Pharmacology. In studying to pursue a PhD in Pharmacology, as a primary to fund my education as a a graduate assistant while in my laboratory and also outside the laboratory, I was able to work as teacher in a program called the Brooklyn Bridge Program. The program was geared for those students that did not finish the high school course due to circumstances sometimes beyond their control. I was fortunate to teach them science courses in Biology and Chemistry respectively. It is in this time, I saw that I had a desire and a gift to articulate the most complex topics at the time in the science to more while engaging in a more meaningful dialogue with those learners (who others have deemed not teachable). I was excited and I was more challenged in finding a way to pursue this new passion. I respectfully wrapped my program and went on to pursue the new found respect and love that I had to inspire while educating in the sciences. I then enrolled into a program that allowed for the transferal of course and started pursuing the means to be a credential educator. I did finish and went on in a few years to work on obtaining an advance degree in Teaching and Learning at the post-graduate level. I finished with a few years and proudly defended my dissertation. It was not with great pain at time. I was told that the reason why my journey may have taken some detour was my complex interaction with others. I was amused by the observation; however, in time I would discover what that was coded for--you are young, gifted, black, and bossed woman! This is the sentiment and mantra I choose to move forward with. I know that the world is both fascinated and nervous at the sound of that mantra. We are science and we are here! We have always existed! I know that in my desire to reach those that are tossed aside, I cannot forget to motivate and inspire!

When considering your career path, how much has your potential salary affected your decision?

Salary has never been a consideration for me, I just wanted to have the flexibility to make my own choices and path. Nevertheless, I needed to know that my basic needs were met. Not only that, but the level of respect and trust was essential wherever I landed.

You have a wealth of experience in education and mentoring, what advice would you give your younger self/ younger people in science?

The one advice that would give is don’t change yourself for anyone. Stay true to what your intended purpose is. ·

What advice would you give to people looking to network and build genuine connections?

Build a connection where you feel you can be the greatest asset. Don’t stress when you are in rooms of rejection. Just open the door and leave.

With over 24 years of experience what drives you now and how has that changed / stayed the same from when you just started?

I am more focused on the legacy that I will leave behind. This is what drives me now. When I was younger, I just wanted to pull up more people. This was the wrong approach. I wouldn’t have any strength for myself. Now I understand the necessity for self-care and the art of saying no.

· Outside science and education how would you describe yourself

I would say that whether I am in the science arena..I am constant in that I am young, gifted, and bossed….as a black woman showing up everyday for my legacy.


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