A summary of career profiles

I took a relatively long break and i think the perfect comeback is a lovely collation of all the people that have contributed to this blog thus far.

The catalyst in me is more than an individual effort . It started as a deep feeling within myself of inadequacy, i didn't know where my degree would take me and was completely lost . My visual representation of a scientist and careers after a life science degree was very skewed and its something i wanted to change . There was also a huge gap in the level of information i felt needed to be out there . Through my journey i have thought of so many careers that interest me. Sometimes a few Google searches of pages isn't enough . You need to see peoples failures to make the journey seem more attainable.

A strong message i wanted to to put out is that rejection is part of the process and it does not automatically equal to failure . Below i have linked all the people that have contributed to the growth of the page. I can't wait to see what the next half of the year holds for me and especially this page . I have a vision and again i am very grateful for everyone that has contributed, followed and shared this blog.

Share with friends and family and if you would like to contribute email :thecatalystinme@gmail.com


Medical Physiology -> https://www.thecatalystinme.com/blog/student-profile-medical-physiology

Neuroscience ->https://www.thecatalystinme.com/blog/professional-profile-neuroscience-widening-participation

Medical genetics and Masters in Cancer research - >https://www.thecatalystinme.com/blog/career-profile-medical-genetics-msc-cancer-research-and-molecular-biomedicine

Pharmacy >https://www.thecatalystinme.com/blog/student-profile-pharmacy

Biomedical science and plant physiology-->https://www.thecatalystinme.com/blog/student-profile-mres-advanced-biological-sciences

Immunology Phd >https://www.thecatalystinme.com/blog/professional-profile-phd-immunology

Medicne ->https://www.thecatalystinme.com/blog/student-profile-medicine

Medicine https://www.thecatalystinme.com/post/student-profile-medicine-1

Biotechnology >https://www.thecatalystinme.com/blog/student-profile-biology-and-biotehnology

Biochemistry/pre-med/phd - -->https://www.thecatalystinme.com/blog/student-profile-biochem-major-pre-md-phd

Medical Laboratory science ->https://www.thecatalystinme.com/blog/student-profile-medical-laboratory-science-usa

Biology >https://www.thecatalystinme.com/blog/professional-profile-laboratory-technician

Biology - >https://www.thecatalystinme.com/blog/professional-profile-pharmacy-advisor

Biology with Neuroscience masters -->https://www.thecatalystinme.com/blog/student-profile-msc-neuroscience-bsc-biology

Bioinformatics and phd in malaria research >https://www.thecatalystinme.com/blog/professional-profile-phd-sequencing-the-genome-of-malaria-from-south-east-asia

Tropical diseases >https://www.thecatalystinme.com/blog/career-profile-msc-tropical-disease-biology

Geneticist - >https://www.thecatalystinme.com/blog/career-profile-principal-investigator

phd malaria research - >https://www.thecatalystinme.com/blog/career-profile-phd-genetics-malaria-vector-control