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CAREER PROFILE : Msc - Tropical disease biology

1. Name: Ramota Temi Adelakun

2. Course :Msc – Tropical disease biology

3. A levels: Biology, Chemistry, Maths

4. Undergaduate degree:

Biological sciences (medical biology) with a year abroad

5. Journey in 3 words: Exhausting, enlightening, fascinating

6. Briefly describe your course

My course explores how tropical diseases affects people around the world. It follows their biology as well as the epidemiology of the diseases, including control methods we can adapts.

7. What motivated you to pursue a career in science?

I have always been fascinated by how people work, it led me to my undergraduate degree and it was here I developed more of an interest into the disease side of things rather than the bodies response. My interest still holds and I want to help translate academic science into something than can be understood by the masses.

8. Work- Life Balance

I strongly advocate for being able to find a balance, when I have classes I tend to follow the 9-5 rule and Im a notorious planner. However when I have loads of free time for essays although I become more nocturnal I give myself the breathing room – this means going to the gym and hanging out with friends.

9. What were the best and worst parts of your undergraduate degree? ( are there things you wish you did? And what advice would you give yourself if you were starting again).

My undergraduate degree to me could have offered me more, I didn’t ffeel like I learnt a lot until my third year so if I had a choice I would switch uni’s. That being said I gained a lot too, I managed to work a few part time jobs as well as studying abroad – an experience that very much changed my life. It was here I rediscovered my passion for disease biology.

10. Why didn’t you do a phd straight away?

Im still unsure about whether I will do one straight away, mostly because a masters degree is so intense I may just want a break.

11. What is important when picking a masters ?

Content, content, content – what you will be taught and how you will be taught matters the most. Its expensive and exhausting so take your time.

12. Has the lack of women in senior Stem roles affected your career decisions?

Yes very much so, I know I could do with more direction in where I am going and what I’m doing – and not seeing women particularly black women in these roles almost deters me. However I have let it inspire me, its resulted in me starting a blog of my own. I want to provide representation for the next generation.


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YouTube: theglobalscientist_

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