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Career Profile - Biomedical Science

1. Name Asmaa

2. Course: Biomedical Sciences Student

3. A levels: Biology, Mathematics, Chemistry

4. Undergrad Biomedical Sciences

5. Journey in 3 words: super-motivation, time-management and self care

6. Briefly describe your role or course

The course mainly focus on laboratory procedures and ways to diagnose each medical condition in addition to research aspects of various techniques, my role in the future would be testing samples and reporting results in addition to applying quality control, acceptance or rejection of various types of samples.

7. How has the covid-19 pandemic affected your course: In relation to the recent pandemic, university has gone on lockdown since the emergence of cases in here, although theoretical and practical sessions were continued remotely, its incomparable to actually being there on campus.

8. What motivated you to pursue a career in science

I have been interested in science, especially biology for a long time before freshman year. I had a dream of working in the hospital and living in the atmosphere of a hospital without the pressure of meeting patients and be the first line in the treatment.

9. How do you maintain a healthy work- Life Balance

At least once every week or every other week, I try to have some me time and give myself free days afters a bunch of exams are done. In addition to going out whenever I can and spend some time walking or with family.

10. What advice would you give to someone wanting to study the same degree?

The most important advice would be extreme time-management and making a schedule with the topics that need to be covered every week so you are not left behind the syllabus, in addition to reviewing past material whenever you can, especially if you are planning to have an accreditation exam or a board exam.

11. When considering your career path, how much has your potential salary affected your descision?

Due to the reason that I liked biology and hospital atmosphere, and wanting to study a major that I liked and not solely for the sake of having a degree, the amount of salary was almost not thought about.

12. What is your biggest pet peeve about how the world perceives science

Something that I would consider as a pet peeve would be the fact that some people believe non-qualified people on their opinion of certain topics related to science and people’s health

13. Outside science how would you describe yourself

Outside science I am the girl who likes learning languages, meeting people online and a coffee addict ☺ In addition to being an extrovert and like to spend time outside.


where can we find you ->

Instagram: @studygramby_a



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